Brandon Asmussen

Brandon was first introduced to Crossfit in 2011 through his off-season lifting for high school football. At the time, Brandon weighted 280 pounds and did not want anything to do with a long metcon. After graduating high school, he let his health slip further away, reaching his heaviest weight of 295 pounds.


With a variety of changes occurring in his life, he said to himself, “me being over weight has to end now.” In the beginning of 2013, he put his words into action and he began working out in a hometown gym. Becoming a regular in his gym, Brandon saw a huge transformation. By 2015, he had dropped 55 pounds.


Demanding more, Brandon remembered his old high school workouts and searched for a Crossfit box around Edwardsville. He soon found Crossfit Edwardsville and signed up for foundations immediately.


Less than two years after becoming a member, Brandon has dropped 20 more pounds and also joined our team. His biggest goal as a coach is to help, and push, those who are in similar situations that he was. Likewise, he hopes to help anyone achieve their fitness goals. The only regret Brandon said he has is, “I wish I would have found Crossfit Edwardsville earlier.”