Josh Wedel - AM Athlete of the Month

Share a little about you and your family outside of CFE.

My wife and I have been married for 15 years at the end of May. We have 2 children. Zachary is 15 and Zoey is 12. Zachary loves computers and XBOX. His favorite game is Minecraft. Zoey plays every sport she can(at least what we let her). She is going to start training for the crossfit games this year so in two years she can be ready for the teen division. Well that is my goal right now. 

Why did you choose CFE?

I chose CFE because I loved the fact that we have a running track area. At the time I loved to run so I thought that would be awesome. Also when I read the coaches bios and other information on the website it felt right. 

Since coming here, what goals have you achieved?

I have achieved so many goals since starting crossfit. PR's on lifts, pullups, endurance, staminia. The biggest ones would have to be completing my first ever open at RX the whole time. I couldn't complete a bar muscle up, I will get there though, but I never gave up for 6 min straight attempting it. This was such an awesome feeling to do this. The other goal was competing in FTME. When I joined and watched the FTME from the sides over a year ago I said it would take me 2-3 years to compete. I did it in less than one and it was amazing. 

What are your current goals?

Currently I'm going to focus on strength and form. I want to be proficient in all my lifts and build up my strength. My other goals this year are to be able to do a bar muscle up and also hand stand pushups. 

Most memorable moment at CFE?

I have two moments in my mind that stick out. The first one is the first foundations WOD we did. It kicked my butt and I thought I was in shape. This moment laid the foundation to my other moment being able to be accomplished. Finishing the last WOD in the FTME competition. If it wasn't for the first one happening then the last one wouldn't have happened. Getting my but kicked made me want to get in better shape and become bigger, faster and stronger. Also actually writing this there is one more and that would be finishing whole 30. Being coached by the coaches to do this and given the tools to accomplish this was awesome. I never thought I could have done it the way that I did. It laid a good foundation to my nutrition moving forward for my life. 

Favorite WOD/lift/movement....
 My favorite things are rope climbs, box jumps, Dubs, and snatch. I love long chipper style WODS also.  I think my favorite WOD was event 4 from FTME. That team workout was so much fun and would love to do that again. 

I like…to drink craft beer.
I eat... at Cleveland heath or Peel whenever I can. Favorite Restaurants. 
I do...enjoy afternoon strolls on the beach
I Executive Chef