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Jim Jesse

The CrossFit formula is outstanding and CFE takes it to the next level. I have gained more strength, in a month, than any other workout I have ever done. The coaches, staff and members of CFE are what make the difference.

From day one, I felt like part of something bigger than just a WOD. CrossFit Edwardsville is exactly what I was looking for…a bold statement, but true.

Aaron Specht

I’m 45 years old, a happily married husband and father of three boys who are the loves of my life!!  I own a couple businesses and  I’m also a recovering alcoholic and have been sober for over 6 years. 

My sports background starts from JV & Varsity football, basketball and track.  I played tennis and golf in college then Rugby. 

Rugby was my life!!  I was a founding father to the Rugby Football Doggs @ Winona State University in Minnesota.  Then went on to play rugby for the better part of 17 years with stops @ Lincoln Park (Chicago) Rugby Football Club, Atlanta Renegades, Oconomowoc (Milwaukee) Griffins, and the Denver Harlequins.  Additionally I played on select side All Star teams (all-state) for Georgia and Wisconsin. 



Scott Telford

The first experience and every one since then has been incredible and the hardest challenge I have faced was simply showing up that first day. If you show up, the rest is in the bag. Within the first month I was hitting my goals and setting Personal Records with the greatest of ease. I was a stronger body type concentrating on power lifting movements and gaining size.

Since I have started with CrossFit Edwardsville I been eating healthier and I'm more defined. The results speak for themselves and are unmatched anywhere. You cannot beat the quality of the coaching staff and the community that CrossFit Edwardsville has nor can you ever create what you will get out of this experience in any local gym or YMCA.

I am hooked for life and I am thankful for finding such a fantastic group!


Don Yakstis

I discovered CrossFit while looking for a way to up my training for obstacle course runs. It seemed to have the right mix of strength, cardio, and bodyweight training, so I gave it a shot. I found out just how out of shape I was during Foundations. Coach JJ was constantly reminding me that this was only the base that I would build upon. The constant encouragement I have received, from coaches and athletes alike, is the thing that means the most to me. I know that everyone in the room has my back, and I have theirs. There is never a bad day at the gym.  

I walked through the doors that first time as an out of shape, 210 pound, 35 year old. In less than one year I have attained my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certificate, taken advantage of our gym Nutrition Challenge as both a participant and an assistant in the current groups, gained a more complete understanding of my nutrition and fitness, and even assist coaches during classes. The physically fit, 175 pound, 36 year old that walks through those doors now is a completely different person from the one that first walked in, and I have never been happier.

Karla McDole

2016-03-29 15.10.20.jpg

In my youth, sports were always a big part of my life. As I got older, I remained dedicated to staying in shape mainly by running and doing “bootcamp” type workouts. Even though I remained fit, in the back of my mind I always thought, “I will never be in the shape I was in when I was a high school or college athlete.” Then I was introduced to CrossFit Edwardsville. I had skepticism at first. I had never really been into weight-lifting at all, and I wasn’t familiar with the different movements that are done. I started slowly and then over the first several weeks everything began to fall into place. Now I’m very much in the best shape of my life and I’ve improved my strength and conditioning tremendously. I have the energy to keep up with my active life of being a working mom, and I am able to do things in the gym I would have never imagined. There is so much variety as to what can be done in the gym that there is never a boring workout. Sharing this experience with a community of people who work hard every single workout has given me motivation and a more positive frame of mind which has carried over into other aspects of my life. The coaches at CFE are truly committed to continually educating the athletes, programming challenging workouts, helping each athlete meet their goals, and are there to give everyone the extra push they need…..when they need it. I really can’t imagine doing any other types of workouts and I’m excited to see what new goals I can accomplish!


Josh Wedel

The Journey started on October 31st 2009. I was close to 285 lbs and about 6 months before I was right at 300 lbs. I was an avid smoker about a pack to a pack and half a day.  My mom was going to go back to weight watchers and asked my wife if she wanted to go. She said yes I want to get back on track. The next day we took all of our kids candy, let them keep what they wanted, and took the rest into our jobs to get rid of it. We also went through all of our cabinets and refrigerator to eliminate anything that we knew we couldn’t have. The first two weeks were very hard and took a lot of will power to get through especially when it came to portion control and the types of foods we were eating. I had a bow flex in my garage and started working out on this and running. I remember the first run that I did I barely made it 200 meters and was completely out of breath but over the course of about 4 months I got better and eventually made it to a full mile. About this time I had lost 40 lbs and was feeling very good.