The Foundations Program

Everyone new to CrossFit starts here. Refined to perfection over several years, Foundations covers the absolute best of fitness. You’ll learn CrossFit movements, establish baseline numbers, acquire our lingo, learn training principles, track progress, identify resources, and get comfortable with the environment- so you can thrive and get the best results.

Foundations is structured as personal training, with a minimum of 6 sessions of private or semi-private training with two of the area’s most experienced coaches. You will see, from the first day, that we are professionals and very, very good at what we do. We look forward to coaching you!

The next Foundations start-dates are: January 16, January 30, February 13, February 27, March 13 & March 27.

Foundations Special Training: $243

Foundations Program (standard): $180

Foundations screen (for incoming experienced crossfitters): $50 

Monthly Memberships

General access to all of our amazing group CrossFit classes; this is for those who have completed CrossFit Foundations, and for those who are ready to achieve their best fitness ever.

*For an additional $10 per month, you have access to a shower, swimming pool, sauna, and hot tub! Read More >>

*You can add members of your immediate family to your membership for $75 per person.

*Long-Term pricing also available. 

8 Classes per month: $105

12 Classes per month: $115

unlimited classes: $135

Unlimited Classes + special training: $175

Custom Programming

Want to do more pull-ups? Get that first handstand push-up? Snatch a heavier weight? Do your first 2x or 2.5x-bodyweight back squat? CrossFit classes will get you there.... these custom add-ons will get you there even faster!

This is custom programming that is an ADD-ON to your membership. It's 30 days of individualized workout programming that will be directly tailored to your needs AND be complementary to the group classes, so you can do both. 


Gymnastics (custom): $30`

weightlifting (custom): $30

bodybuilding/mass gaining: $30

Kids Program

Invest in your child's future! This is a CrossFit program entirely geared for the specific developmental needs of 8-12-year-olds- neurological, cognitive, and motor.

In CFE Kids, coach your child to be faster and stronger with diverse physical skills. Our results-based program has been repeatedly shown to enhance sports performance, academic performance, confidence, discipline, and love of exercise.


*Enroll additional children for a 25% discount per child.

unlimited classes: $87

Nutrition Coaching

Dr. Greg Skelly has developed a results-based nutrition coaching program for those who want to feel great, look amazing, and kill it in the gym.

Our program consistently produces body transformation, improved exercise performance, incredible energy, better sleep, a healthier relationship with food, greater focus, and enhanced quality of life.

We’ll give you EVERYTHING you need to succeed- materials, structure, motivation and support. We’ll do everything except buy the food and feed it to you (that’s up to you).

Click here to see sample results and learn more about Levels 1-4 >>>

*A consultation is required before doing Level 3 or 4; it's not required before doing Level 2.

lEVEL 1: 1-HOUR Consultation*: $40


You must be a veteran CrossFit athlete to drop in to any regular classes, or you must have completed our Foundations Program to graduate to CrossFit classes.

Visiting or dropping-in multiple times? Ask about our punch cards by messaging the Office Manager, Caroline, at 217-720-1660!

Single-Class Drop-in: $20

Visitor Drop-In (5 classes): $65

Personal Training

If you’re not sure you’re ready for the CrossFit group environment yet, or if you want more individualized and specialized coaching, reach out to us for personal training.

Our coaches are credentialed in CrossFit, gymnastics, weightlifting, nutrition, and more, and are wonderfully well-equipped and personable in helping you to get the absolute most out of your fitness- and life!

One-on-one personal training: $50-$250/Hour

Kids' Sports Conditioning Camp

2-hour kids' sports conditioning camp led by Coach Greg Skelly. Focus on goals, position, agility, strength, and conditioning. For ages 8-12. Click the button to learn more.

Price varies; click on to see pricing for the next scheduled camp.

Kids' Fitness Birthday Party

We host kids' birthday parties with age-appropriate and expert fitness coaching, led by Coach JJ or Coach G. We've done a few of these and kids LOVE them! If you want to give your kids MORE than the usual cake-and-ice-cream social hour, gift your child with 2 hours of fun & fitness with us!




6-Week New You Challenge

Six-week NEW You Program! Next start date: Monday, September 26.